From passion project to web empire: A ReclaimPress case study

From passion project to web empire: A ReclaimPress case study

As of May 2024, more than 474 million sites use WordPress and it continues to be one of the most popular platforms used in education. Over the past decade our team has worked with faculty and students on our pioneering ‘Domain of One’s Own’ program, helping them build the skills and capabilities to reclaim ownership and control over their online presence and we've seen WordPress not only become immensely popular, but also more and more complex.

If you are looking to deploy Wordpress at scale however building confidence for users in administrating of cPanel can be challenging. We know first hand just how hard and time consuming it can be to build internal capacity for faculty and students, so we developed a new, simplified Wordpress hosting solution that enables users to get started more quickly and easily than ever before: meet ReclaimPress

As part of our development process, we went back not only to our Domain of One's Own program, but also the record store aesthetic that has been at the heart of Reclaim for the past decade: enter Bryan Mathers.

Drawing of different coloured record players with vinyl records

Watch Bryan on Reclaim TV tell the story of ReclaimPress:

"Once you’ve got a visual language you can just keep using it to tell a crazy story. Reclaim has a really powerful visual language and so when we started to talk about ideas for ReclaimPress, that was our starting point. ... ReclaimPress is industrial, it's solid. How does this translate into the visual language? I really like this, its black and white strength, it's so solid and it's handmade."

Black and white logo for ReclaimPress

"Just like the black and white logo, Reclaim's support is 100% human. The ReclaimPress visuals conveys that overlap, between the human, hand-made and industrial strength."

If you'd like to learn more about the story beyond the artwork, and how it was created, then tune in to Reclaim TV and watch a special episode in which Bryan tells the story:

Putting ReclaimPress to the test

Bryan was also one of the first to join the ReclaimPress beta program, putting the platform through its paces. Here is what he told us:

"I have some skin in the game here. I am one of the early adopters of ReclaimPress, and I have a software engineering background and I have a few sites that need hosting.. so I was curious about where ReclaimPress sits.

I have tried out Reclaim Cloud, which is so powerful, and I have always been a bit frustrated with cPanel, so ReclaimPress seems to hit the sweet spot. It's got the solidness I was looking for, for the sites that I don't ever want to go down.

So with my client hat on, I am thinking back ups are becoming important, monitoring is more important, and for someone like me who isn't a SysAdmin, it really hits the mark."

If you are keen to put ReclaimPress to the test, join the beta program today.

Key take aways

ReclaimPress is specifically tailored to hosting WordPress sites, and we're hoping to make something that's fast, easy to use, and affordable.

We're taking what we've learned from Reclaim Cloud, and the power and flexibility of that platform, and adding a simple-to-use, WordPress-optimized management interface to it.

ReclaimPress is packed with features that will help anyone get started or scale up their WordPress Empire. You’ll have everything in one place, built in scalability, staging sites and flexible pricing, all on our high powered container based infrastructure with our top notch support.

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