From passion project to web empire.. talking ReclaimPress with Bryan Mathers

From passion project to web empire.. talking ReclaimPress with Bryan Mathers

Since the launch of the beta program for ReclaimPress many in our community have enjoyed seeing not only a new hosting offer for Wordpress but also the unique visuals that accompany our newest offering.

Created by our long-time collaborator and friend Bryan Mathers, of Visual Thinkery, we have been working hard to bring you a visual concept that truly captures what makes this new venture so special... and why you should get involved!

Drawing of a vinyl cutter

Join us live on May 17 at 10am ET / 3pm BST

Join us as we sit down with special guest Bryan Mathers to talk about how the artwork was created and his own experiences with ReclaimPress. Watch the stream over at Reclaim TV, or catch the recording later on or our YouTube channel!

What is ReclaimPress?

ReclaimPress is a cloud platform that is specifically tailored to hosting WordPress sites. It provides your site with dedicated, fast, and scalable hosting at an unbeatable price, all the while living in an easy-to-use dashboard.

We're taking the power and flexibility of Reclaim Cloud and adding a simple-to-use, WordPress-optimized management interface. We think this combo will be a compelling one, a real chocolate and peanut butter situation, but we need your help and feedback!

a cartoon person saying "Dedicated WordPress? That's music to my ears..."

How can I join the beta program?

The hosting experience is simple, fast, and rock-solid, and we are already using it for many projects, including our own high-traffic public-facing sites (like So we are offering you the chance to join the beta program for Reclaim Press whilst we are still working through some bugs related to the ReclaimPress Dashboard and user interface, which we will keep documented on the signup page.

If you give it a spin and have feedback, make sure to reach out!