Mid-Month: March 2024

Mid-Month: March 2024

Welcome to March's Mid-Month! (Feel free to enjoy that alliteration.)

It's starting to feel more like Spring to the Reclaimers in the Northern US, so you know it's getting real! While we've been enjoying the improving weather, we've also been hard at work with everything from planning rad events and streams to enhancing our security and overall user experience.

Get in-the-know with this month's updates!

📣 Announcements

WHMCS Patching

In an effort to further secure and harden our Domain of One's Own servers we've added a patch to each WHMCS instance. This patch will block any access to create an account outside of the WHMCS API (used in the Dashboard code) and the WHMCS admin interface. This is to prevent any spam/unauthorized registrations.

We encourage all admins continue to monitor all registrations on their individual DoOO instance to help keep things secure. If you see anything out of place feel free to reach out and let us know!

Installatron Notification Changes

If you think you're the only one who has noticed an uptick in those pesky Installatron notifications hitting your inbox... you're not. We've seen these notifications increase over time, and are planning on changing the current default configuration for our servers to disable these notifications for what we hope will be a welcome respite.

Read more about this decision, how we're rolling it out, and how you can change Installatron notifications on your own account in our recent post Installatron Notification Changes.

🗓️ Mark your calendars

March Community Chat: EdTech Origin Stories

March 20 @ 12:00pm—1:00pm EDT

For this month’s community chat we hope you’ll share your EdTech Origin stories! How did you get started in EdTech? Who / what / when / where was that entrypoint, and what got you hooked?

We also have recordings of all of our past community Chats, if you want to check them out!

Read about this event on our Event Calendar for more and to register.

March ReclaimTV

Reclaim TV: ReclaimEDU

March 15 @ 10am EDT

Jim and Pilot are in the stream to chat about Reclaim’s latest foray into blazing fast, super-reliable web hosting!

Reclaim TV: OER Preview! Reclaiming #Edtech4life in Open Education

March 22 @ 10am EDT

Maren and Meredith take over the stream to give you a special sneak-peek at what they're going to be sharing over at OER24 at the end of the month!

Reclaim TV: Greetings from OER24!

March 28 @ 10am EDT

The Reclaim crew is on the ground at OER24!

Watch the streams over at Reclaim TV, or catch the recording later on archive.reclaim.tv or our Youtube channel!

April Flex Course: Newsletters with Ghost!

Join us YET AGAIN for our second flex course focused on the open-source newsletter platform, Ghost. We just love it. In fact, it's what this very blog is running on!

Our flex courses are free, beginner-friendly professional development courses you can join. Read more about April's flex course on creating your own newsletter with Ghost in our latest post: Flex Course: Newsletters with Ghost!

Thanks for reading, and have a great rest of your March!