A Visual Anthology of 10 years of Reclaim

A Visual Anthology of 10 years of Reclaim

Have you ever wondered where it all started?

Well... you won't be surprised to hear that when it comes to the history of Reclaim there is a blog post trail to follow, starting with this post written in 2013 by our Co-Founder Tim Owens:

In early 2012 I started thinking about the idea of a shared server space for web hosting filled with my closest friends on the web. … In July 2013 Jim told me he wanted to take what I had done with Hippie Hosting and Domain of One's Own and finally build something that other schools and faculty could use.
I immediately said yes and got to work. Two weeks later we opened Reclaim Hosting. That idea that started with a conversation on Twitter and merged with dream by Jim has grown with schools from all over the world starting to take notice. And this story has just begun...

And only a year later, Co-Founder Jim Groom blogged:

Today, February 3rd 2014, Reclaim Hosting went over the 1000 reclaimers mark. That’s right, in the last six months more than 1000 people choose to explore reclaiming their online presence.
Given how successful and rewarding the first six months have been, we’re committing to run the service beyond the initial year-long pilot... to start realizing the vision behind “Reclaim Your Domain”. Not just commodity hosting, but a space to synch, archive, and own your social presence around the web, while at the same time developing crucial web literacy skills.

Over the following ten years we had all sorts of adventures on our mission to empower indie edtech, and fortunately Bryan Mather's visual thinkery helps us tell the story. Explore Reclaim's Visual Anthology celebrating some of the biggest milestones of our first decade:

Many people contributed to our journey over the past ten years and we are only just getting started. To our team, our customers, our community thank you for being part of our mission to reclaim EdTech on the open web one domain at a time.

For the second decade... the outlook is bright and we can’t wait to see what’s over the horizon.

A drawing of sun coming out behind a cloud with the ReclaimEDU logo.