Mid-month updates: May 2024

Mid-month updates: May 2024

Hello and welcome to your quick mid-month summary of all things important and upcoming across our community:

Announcements and blog posts

RallyX & US10 Post-Mortem

Our infrastructure lead Chris Blankenship provides a detailed post-mortem on recent issues with one of the host servers for Reclaim Cloud that significantly impacted one of our Shared Hosting servers and resulted in some downtime.

The "Newsletters with Ghost" Flex Course is Complete!

Read Pilot Irwin's celebratory post concluding our recent flex course on Newsletters with Ghost. Thank you to everyone who's taking part, started new newsletters on their own domain and reclaimed part of their digital identity along the way.

From passion project to web empire.. talking ReclaimPress with Bryan Mathers

Since the launch of the beta program for ReclaimPress many in our community have enjoyed seeing not only a new hosting offer for Wordpress but also the unique visuals that accompany our newest offering. Created by our long-time collaborator and friend Bryan Mathers, of Visual Thinkery, we have been working hard to bring you a visual concept that truly captures what makes this new venture so special... and why you should get involved!

Open Call for Case Studies

This academic year we've worked with institutions to develop institutional capability and infrastructure. What we’ve learned is that when it comes to digital education, things move fast and keeping up with the newest tools and technologies is an ongoing challenge. Our case studies offer quick insights into practice and products, helping you make the most of open tools and infrastructure. With practical examples and take aways to help you navigate your own projects, these case studies offer a way to share practice, celebrate impact and contribute to the community.

Share YOUR story in the new academic year!

Work with us to share best practice and lessons learnt, and tell YOUR story of how you use open edtech tools or infrastructure with staff and students. This is an opportunity to reflect and share your work beyond your institution with a little help from our expert team.

So, do you have a story to tell or a project that you think would be a good fit for a Reclaim Case Study? Get in touch and let us know!

Drawing of a TV displaying community chat logo

Don't miss today's May Community Chat - Commons in a Box OpenLab

We’re big fans of the Commons in a Box OpenLab, so for May’s Community Chat we want to highlight the amazing work that’s driving the City Tech OpenLab, and the ways that OpenLab can create an open platform for collaborative teaching and learning. If you're curious about OpenLab, join us on May 15th at 12pm ET to learn more! Details, including how to register, are on the events calendar.

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